Simple WOL (PC) via ESP32/8266-webserver + optocoupler 4N35 (+. ino)

so 😉 ,

as i couldnt wake up my NAS (-PC) over LAN anymore (have now a Telekom-router, before a „Fritzbox“) and also couldn´t find the right bios-settings for WOL (on that motherboard) i thought i could use an „withdrawn from service“ 😉 ESP8266 , some 4N35 optocoupler (0,41$), some dupont-cable and make a webserver/app-controlled WOL..

i used these very good tutorial at „randomnerdtutorials“->

i used the sketch (*.ino) on the site, modified it a little bit (other ssid+password) + changed the “ const int output = 2;“ to 14 (its GPIO14=D5 on this particular board), used this schematic->

and use optocoupler „out/2.circuit“) 4,5 to the PC-power-on switch..(2 to GND ESP8266 and 1 with a transistor on D5 (GPIO14)(as could be seen on the second picture))

Works !! 😉

(modified sketch is here->Link) 

Greets for now (and more to come!!) 😉

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